Baptisms, Memorial Service, and Other Blessings

    The possibilities for a baby welcoming ceremony are limited only by your imagination.  In getting to know you I will guide you in creating a ceremony that is a personal reflection of your family to this moment of joyous celebration and welcome.
    There are many times in our lives that any type of Sacred Ceremony is important, whether it’s a Baptism for Your Newborn or any age Child, Blessing.  I have incorporated many diverse types of Blessings into the Wedding Ceremony as well.  It brings a special joy to your family to bring forth Blessing you feel you would like to bring forth.  
    Your may choose to Bless your New Home or Business anytime before or after your moving in. We can also include a Blessing for your pets and their life in service to you.  
    It is also important to Honor Your Loved One with the Perfect Celebration of their Life with a Memorial service when they pass on.  It is an honor of their life with words of comfort as we remember the love they shared with us.  
The Compassionate and Professional services provided to You will add a warm and reassuring quality to bring you Peace of Mind.

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* Small Intimate Weddings
*Second Marriages
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* Elopements
* Vow and Anniversary Renewals
* Baby and Child Baptism or Blessings

*House and Business Blessings
*Memorial Services